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Play together in the open air, stroll and know the secrets of the woods, or visit a magical monastery: discover a new way of life in the mid-summer with your children, fun is assured!




Parco Santa Caterina


In front of Piazzale delle Cascine del Quicchio (formerly hereque), the area is served by all the services needed to spend a day in total relaxation. There is a large car park, picnic area, children’s playground, refreshment bar, trekking area in the park. It is also possible to request tourist information throughout the territory of Medio Verbano, at the Tourist Information Office. In summer, you can embark on a tour of the Islands.

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Vist Verbano

Via Santa Caterina,12
21038 Leggiuno (VA)

Informazioni Turistiche

Per info E-mail info@visitverbano.it


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